Dr. Rita K. McCracken, MD, PhD

Family Physician and Primary Care Researcher


CIHR Grant Funded Projects - Principal Investigator

VPC-OUD - Advancing virtual primary care for people with opioid use disorder
(with n-PI Hedden, Lindsay K (SFU) ) - $393,929 -  (202111WI1) Operating Grant : Addressing the Wider Health Impacts of COVID.
Co-investigator(s): Bach, Paxton J; Boyd, Jade; Chakanyuka, Christina; Hayashi, Kanna; Klimas, Jan; Law, Michael R; McGrail, Kimberlyn M; Nosyk, Bohdan P; Sutherland, Christy; Ti, Lianping (Mint)
Evaluating the intended and unintended consequences of opioid prescribing interventions on primary care
(with nPI Panagiotoglou, Dimitra (McGill))-  $371,024 -   (202104PJT)  Project Grant  
Virtual primary care: a multi-provincial mixed methods study of access, experiences, and outcomes
(with nPI Hedden, Lindsay K (SFU); Grandy, Mathew; Halas, Gayle; Katz, Alan (UManitoba); Marshall, Emily G(Dalhousie)) - $100,000 - ( 202010PJM )  Project Grant - PA: Patient-Oriented Research: Early-Career Investigator  
Co-investigator(s): Ashcroft, Rachelle R; Holland, Matt; Lavallee, Danielle; Lavergne, Miriam R; Lenskjold, Anders; Lukewich, Julia; Mathews, Maria; McCabe, Christopher; McGrail, Kimberlyn M; Mitra, Goldis; Price, Morgan Thomas M; Ryan, Bridget L; Sampalli, Tara; Singer, Alexander G; Tomblin Murphy, Gail G
REDONNA - Reducing unsafe prescribing of prescription opioid medications to opioid naive patients -  $481,950 -  (202003PJT)  Project Grant with Klimas, Jan (UBC); Wood, Evan (UBC)

CIHR Grant Funded Projects - Co-Investigator/Co-Applicant/Knowledge User

Primary Care for Individuals with Serious Mental Illness (PriSMI)
Principal investigator(s): Grudniewicz, Agnieszka; Lavergne, Miriam R; Peckham, Allie L; Rudoler, David
Co-investigator(s): Ashcroft, Rachelle R; Corace, Kimberly M; Kaluzienski, Mark; Kurdyak, Paul A; Langford, Lucie; McCracken, Rita; Norris, William C; Rayner, Jennifer; Schütz, Christian G; Sunderji, Nadiya; Thai, Helen - $994,500 - 2020/03 x 5 years
The BedMed Initiative - Making better use of existing therapeutics
Principal investigator(s): Garrison, Scott R; Lewanczuk, Richard Z; Bakal, Jeffrey A; Hill, Michael D; Katz, Alan; Mcalister, Finlay A; McGrail, Kimberlyn M; Perry, Bruce; Trueman, Darryl
Co-investigator(s): Allan, G. Michael; Bahler, Brad; Kolber, Michael; Korownyk, Christina; Drummond, Neil A; Green, Lee A; Manca, Donna P; Manns, Braden J; Mccormack, James P; McCracken, Rita; Norris, Colleen; Padwal, Raj S; Singer, Alexander G; Wong, Sabrina T
- Operating Grant: SPOR Innovative Clinical Trial Multi-Year Grant - $1,420,736 - 2016/10 x 4 years

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