Dr. Rita K. McCracken, MD, PhD

Family Physician and Primary Care Researcher

What can publicly funded schools teach us about how to fix the family doctor shortage?

September 05, 2023

I wrote an article with my colleague, Dr. Lindsay Hedden, in Healthcare Management Forum, as a way to start rethinking the #FamilyDoctorShortage.


Lessons from public schools can help with the family doctor shortage. Just like schools are organized for everyone's benefit, healthcare can be organized better too. In schools, students go to their local school no matter where they move. This idea could work for healthcare. Teachers don't run schools like private businesses. Instead, there's money for school buildings, teachers, and other support staff. This makes sure every student gets a good education. We can use a similar approach for healthcare. We can create community health centers where teams of doctors and experts work together to provide good care. This way, more people can get the care they need. Just like schools, we can make healthcare more organized and accessible for everyone.

You can read the full article here.


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